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Build and ship. Daily.

Personal relationships (read again: not networking) and accountability like no other.

Build meaningful relationships, better products and a strong foundation with the maker community.

Ship products, meet deadlines, accomplish goals. Ship together. Any maker can build profitable online businesses with the right support and people with them, you can too.

Fully private

What you do in Coulf stays in Coulf. Discuss secret projects, chat privately, share updates you don't want to share anywhere. And your data is yours, we don't sell data.


Relationships are core at what we do. Develop meaningful intimate relationships with others just like you. It is unlike sending out 46 connection requests or chatting with strangers.


Become more accountable with our video, text, and software-based accountability sessions. Just video-based accountability sessions often become counter-intuitive too soon, so you get to choose.

Your project

Your project's at the center. Get reliable feedback, support when you feel low/at launch, product updates, showcases at virtual meetups, and more. Come in, it's a new experience to build stuff online.

Hacker Funds™ new 

Get up to $1000 to fund your projects. Don't lose your ownership, no collateral and no risk. Simply put I'm personally stepping up to fund your projects. You can't join just for the funds.

Challenges/Meetups new

Events like virtual meetups and challenges are planned. Schedules will be announced on the Open Desk and via Community. It'll be set in such ways to keep you productive (not consumed).

You get — our unfair advantage.

About Coulf

Coulf is a community of indie founders and entrepreneurs like you. You belong here. We hack, build, do stuff and hang out together.



Why join?

We don't wanna sound like "every landing page ever". But... if you're serious about your project and committed to your indie work/life, then join us.

You want to

Have your projects' goals, tasks and deadlines managed for you so that you'll always be right on track + you know having someone guide you is priceless.

You just

Bootstrapping is oftentimes a slow, lonely process so you just want someone to talk to and listen to you. You just want to stay around a bunch of positive folks.

Why not to join?

We understand. We are not the best fit for some. We're not traditional and we're built on values. You may not like us for that, but that is just alright.

You're not ready

You're not ready to make this commitment and you just want to sell or want to promote. Perfectly fine, everyone makes different choices in life, we hope yours will be good.

You are okay

You're okay with existing communities out there. Ad loaded-life tracking, toxic public spaces built only for SEO where you're the product. (I wasn't okay, hence I'm here)

That's it!

I believe you're mature enough to make the decision from what we said so far. No crazy pitches, no 70% off, no trackers, nothing. This is our private community in a nutshell.

Dinakar, Creator of Coulf.


Coulf is run by you and your support. Consider becoming more serious about your project by making this 3-coffee-cost investment.​​

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One plan for all of Coulf. As an early member, you get to pay less.

🤗  Priceless personal relationships

💸   Guidance on building profitable products

💼   Have your projects managed

📬   Get reliable detailed feedback

🧠   Masterminds (planned)

💪   Bullet-proof accountability, funds, meetups and more awaits

🤞     Forever promise

🤑   30-day money-back | risk-free



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  • Everything from Pro: relationships, guidance, project management, feedback, advice, chat, accountability, funds...

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  • 60-day money-back | risk-free

Still thinking?

Our Telegram founder group costs $0 | Free.

Upgrade whenever you want.

"That project wouldn't be there without help from Coulf"  - Pab, Member

You can build better products, ship daily and think more


happy members

What they're saying

It has been a while since I joined this amazing community. I wish it existed earlier.


Join this community of indie founders, especially if you're in SEA. Good work getting this off the ground, @iamdinakar!


It's been one of the best discoveries from this year, thanks dinakar! 🙌🙌


**This is real btw, you can read our member sayings on Twitter here.


Coulf is now shut down. Hopefully temporarily.

When I started with Coulf, I was all excited and was looking forward to showing up daily. And I did, I showed up every single day, I still do. But the recent events were quite unexpected. Life, projects, business, all became too much for me, both physically and mentally. Maybe I'm not yet there at the point where I can handle all this at once, maybe later (!?).


For now though, I have decided to let go of Coulf and focus on other projects that generate revenue for me.

I'm really sorry if I have let you down. I did everything I could to force myself into working on this project but as I said, I couldn't keep up.

- Dinakar